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Market Status: OPEN

For investors

For investors and potential investors, Bucharest Stock Exchange offers products dedicated to monitoring the whole market or the trading activity for a certain security.

Post-trade delayed data is available free of charge on our website at the market level ( and at the instrument level (e.g.  “Trading” tab) as well.  Delayed trading information is also available -> on our mobile apps that can be found on App store and Google play and -> through the network of our datavendors

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Real time data

The new OnLine Terminal – Exchange Live 2.0

If you have an account on the Bucharest Stock Exchange offers you free trial access to this new product.

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The real-time market data terminal brings a multitude of new elements, among which we mention: selective and simultaneous visualization of various data sets (quotes, charts, news, financial instruments performance, market depth, intraday transactions) to have in a single screen information of interest, customizable drag & drop interface, "heat maps" for quick and comparative viewing of the historical performance of companies in the indices, data export for offline analysis, powerful charting tool including tens of technical indicators.


  • Customizable layout
  • Enhanced usability
  • Enhanced data quality
  • Modern charting solution
  • Enhanced data visualization
  • Bcol-lg-12ser based, no software to install

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Arena XT Market View web application

Bucharest Stock Exchange gives investors access to the live market data that professional traders rely on, including Level II streaming quotes, market news, and the ability to view the BSE full order book and real time bid/offer spreads. Developed by the Bucharest Stock Exchange, it offers investors real-time in-depth market information, delivered in a cost-effective and user-friendly way.

  • Customised environment
  • Instrument explorer
  • Watch lists
  • Market Watch
  • Current trading information for all asset classes
  • Indices
  • Order Book (full market depth)
  • Ticker
  • RSS Reader
  • Charts

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ON LINE Terminal web based product

  • Market Watch
  • Custom lists of securities
  • Current trading information for all asset classes
  • Level II data (5 bid/ask levels)
  • Market Statistics
  • Charts
  • Indices
  • Ticker
  • Portfolio evaluation

ON LINE Quotes web based product

  • Level II data (5 bid/ask levels)
  • Lists of securities for ease of use
  • Selection simbol / market
  • Intraday charts
  • Market Statistics
  • Indices
  • Ticker
  • Portfolio Evaluation

Delayed data

BVB app for mobile devices

Access to up to date information on markets, news and prices wherever you are via the mobile app for smartphone or tablet.

  • Market activity
  • Market news
  • Indices
  • Prices for listed securities including shares, bonds, rights, closed-end-funds, ETF, structured products
  • Quotations
  • Data and indicators of listed companies
  • Companies news
  • Personalized list of instruments (watchlist)
  • List of Exchange Members

Download the free app:

Free account for customized information on BVB website

Allows the visualization of 15 minutes delayed data.

  • Create a customized list via which you can track the prices of the favorite shares
  • Create alerts via which you can be notified on e-mail when the price/price variation for a securities/index overpassed a certain level that you determined
  • Access to an instrument of portfolio evaluation, useful for both educative and evaluation purposes
  • Subscribe to a free of charge email service for receiving the desired info (like market reports, press releases, announces, newsletter)

You can create an account here.