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Friday, November 16, 2018 
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Information regarding the extension of the term in the file no. 34778/3/2018

Release Date: 10/31/2018 4:57:42 PM

IRIS Code: 473AF


Current report in compliance with art. 234 paragraph (1), letter l) of ASF Regulation no. 5/2018 regarding the issuers of financial instruments and market operations  and with art. 99 of the Bucharest Stock Exchange Code, Title II, Issuers and Financial Instrument

Report date: 31.10.2018

Name of the issuing entity: Societatea Nationala NUCLEARELECTRICA S.A.

Registered office: 65, Polona street, District 1, Bucharest

Phone/fax number: 021-203.82.00 / 021 – 316.94.00

Sole Registration Code with the Trade Register Office: 10874881

Order number: J40/7403/1998

Subscribed and paid share capital: RON

Regulated market on which the issued securities are traded: Bucharest Stock Exchange



To:                  Bucharest Stock Exchange

Financial Supervisory Authority



Important event to be reported:

Information notice regarding the request for suspension by means of a presidential ordinance formulated by a SNN shareholder, natural person, regarding the Resolution of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders no. 12/28.09.2018  

SN Nuclearelectrica SA (“SNN”) informs its shareholders and the investors that, at the trial date of 31.10.2018, within the file no. 34778/3/2018, regarding the registration of a request by a natural person shareholder of SNN, with the Bucharest Tribunal regarding the assertion of the absolute nullity of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders no. 12/28.09.2018 and the suspension, by means of a presidential ordinance, of the execution of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders no. 12/28.09.2018, the court the extension until 14.11.2018, in order to communicate to the plaintiff the documentation and annexes submitted by SNN, as the plaintiff was not present at the trial.

We remind the fact that the following were approved by the Resolution of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders no. 12/28.09.2018:

a)         The election of the members of the Board of Directors of SN Nuclearelectrica SA by the application of the cumulative voting method;

b)         The establishment of the duration of the mandate of the administrators elected by the application of the cumulative voting method for a period of 4 (four) years;

c)         The establishment monthly gross fixed indemnity of the administrators elected by the cumulative voting method according to the provisions of art. 37 paragraph (1) and (2) of Government Emergency Ordinance 109/2011 on Corporate Governance of Public Enterprises, approved with amendments and completions by Law 111/2016, equal to twice the average for the last 12 months of the average gross monthly earnings for the activity carried out according to the main object of activity registered by the company, at the level of the class according to the classification of the activities of the national economy, communicated by the National Institute of Statistics prior to the appointment;

d)         The approval of the mandate contract form which will be concluded with the administrators elected by the application of the cumulative voting method, in the form proposed by the majority shareholder, the Ministry of Energy

e)      The empowerment of the representative of the majority shareholder, the Romanian State through the Ministry of Energy to sign the mandate contracts with the members of the SNN Board of Directors  

f)       The empowerment of the President of the Board of Directors, to sign, on behalf of the shareholders, the OGMS’s Resolutions and any other documents in connection therewith, and to perform any act or comply with any formality required by law for the registration and enforcement of the OGMS’s Resolutions, including the publication and registration procedures thereof with the Trade Register Office or any other public institution. The President of the Board of Directors may delegate all or part of the powers mentioned above to anyone competent to fulfil this mandate.


We mention that the selection of the members of the Board of Administration for a 4-year mandate was the result of completing the selection procedure organized in compliance with OUG 109/2011 regarding the corporate governance of public entities with the subsequent amendments and with HG 722/2016 for the approval of the methodological norms to apply OUG 109/2011.


The next trial date is 14.11.2018. 



Cosmin Ghita






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